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Be Bright! Be Online!

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

If you already have business and don’t have a website you are probably losing a number of great opportunities.

Bright Mondays - Be Bright! Be Online
Be Bright! Be Online

A few weeks ago, I attended a networking event in a plush hotel in Central London for Small Business owners. After a few drinks… of pineapple juice (I don’t drink), countless handshakes and business cards being exchanged, I found myself in the presence of a very smart couple who, after a few pleasantries, took it in turns to describe to me their business and its future potentials.

Don’t ask me what it was about! Was it my 5th juice, the succulent canapés or the torrent of information provided by my double act, but I suddenly felt very dazed and confused. Time to go: let’s answer this imaginary phone call, say “sorry but it’s a client” and walk towards the exit, whilst pretending to be in deep conversation… with yourself. (If you can add a few hand gestures in it’s even better).

Phew!! The sound of traffic and the polluted air in London never felt so good.

I went back to my office, sat at my desk and as per usual checked some of the companies online. Although some of them had a decent Website and Social Media presence, others had absolutely nothing. My question is why attend these events, promoting YOUR business if you can’t be checked online? Would you apply for a job without a valid CV and your details to be contacted? Would you join a dating agency without providing your best picture?

If you already have a business and don’t have a website you are probably losing a number of great opportunities. If you plan to have a business, well, make sure to have a website before attending this kind of event otherwise your business card has a great chance of ending up in a trash can similar to mine.

Credibility and Trust are two of the most important words in business today, and in the digital age, nothing conveys a message of trustworthiness better than a beautiful website and Social Media. Even if people have heard of your business through positive word of mouth, they will still check you out to see your products or services, prices, location, reviews and everything else that will make them decide to part with their well earned cash!

And guess what? It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is. You can end up ranking higher than a multinational company on Google if you “play your cards right”.

What do we mean by that, I hear you say? Would you buy a walkman to download songs on Itunes? Would you get a video recorder to watch the last season of Game of Thrones? Would you buy a phone with no internet access (unless you’re a drug dealer!) Probably not.

As with every bit of technology, there is constant evolution in the internet and digital world and you better be and stay on board this speedy train otherwise you will quickly fall behind and be forgotten.

In 2019 it means that your website should not only be beautifully designed but also have at least:

  • Rotating slider/banner, Parallax Scrolling, JavaScript Menus etc.

  • Contact Form with Google Maps display.

  • Social Media Integration, ie. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc .

  • CRM/Email Marketing Integration etc.

  • Newsletter signup form.

Equally important is your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) process in order to Rank higher in Google and other search engines.

If all this jargon sounds like a foreign language to you…. GOOD! It means that you need to talk to us.

You want to speak to a friendly voice who will explain everything to you in a clear and concise manner and guide you every step of the way in designing what will be your window to the world.

If you are proud of the product or service that you want billions like me to acquire or benefit from, and need the best platform to showcase it give us a call and let’s talk.

Don’t let yourself and your company down at the first hurdle. Be Bright! Be Online!

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